It’s finished!

I’m pleased to announce that my second book has gone to press.  Perfectly Paired:  Designing Jewelry with Polymer and Metal Clays will be released in April by Kalmbach Books.

The good folks at Kalmbach also publish Bead & Button magazine, Art Jewelry magazine, and sponsor the Bead & Button Show in Milwaukee in June.  I’ll be teaching there again, several classes that relate directly to the subject of the book!

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6 comments on “It’s finished!
  1. Michele Kimle says:

    Congrats Patti! I can’t wait to see your new book!

  2. Linda Livingston says:

    Wow. Very nice. I love it. I can’t wait to see your book too. The cover looks great.

  3. Looking forward to the book! I’d love to subscribe to your blog, but I can’t find an RSS feed. Perhaps another goal? 😉

  4. Patricia says:

    Good job! Looking forward to April now.

  5. Babette says:

    Hi Patricia – I just pre-ordered your newest book. I’m so pumped. Since I also work in metal clay and polymer – this is right up my alley. I think you really are a fantastic artist and have for a very long time. Incidentally, when you are ready for your very own Personalized Name Stamp, just click on my website and information about them is there. Yes, I know you can make a photopolymer one, but this one is better.
    Hey – this didn’t start out to be a commercial, so I’ll just quit. Suffice to say I’m a big fan of yours and am really looking forward to your book arriving in my mailbox for sure!

  6. terry says:

    oooo, a new book ! I am not planning on venturing into the metal clay medium (ha, I still have a chunk of metal clay from when Celie first introduced it at Shrine Mont – I’m sure it is rock solid now LOL) but your designs have always interested me. So the book is on order.
    Here is the link to the book on Amazon – they even have the Look Inside feature activated already.

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