A walk down memory lane..and longing for spring

I’m teaching a class this afternoon for ISU’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (formerly called College for Seniors) about polymer clay and metal clay.  I went through all my images of the last 12 or so years to pull together a slide show.  (I could have gone back further, but 12 years ago, I got a computer virus that turned all my graphic files into nonsense–back things up!!)

Seeing all my old work made me a little nostalgic.  Particularly, I may have given myself the creative impulse to do a few eggs again.  After all, Easter and spring have to come sometime.  Those who know me from a long time ago know that I’ve done a lot of polymer covered eggs in my day.  Hmm, wonder how to combine a little pmc on an egg….

A few oldies but goodies from my stroll through my files:

Iowa Autumn, shown at the White House Easter display, 1997

Iowa Autumn got the whole thing started.  Then another:

a miniature of the Iowa capital dome, White House Easter Display 2000

some others:

Have a great day, and hope you’re dug out from snow

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3 comments on “A walk down memory lane..and longing for spring
  1. […] a trip down memory lane and longing for spring, Patricia shares a picture of a polymer Easter egg of the Iowa Statehouse dome that she prepared for the White House in 2000. I couldn’t resist […]

  2. Sera says:

    That Statehouse dome egg is absolutely the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen Ms Kimle do. Its just …. beautiful! So intricate and – full of integrity. It exudes integrity! Its quite Faberge like. Thankyou so much for sharing…although I would LOVE to see a bigger piccy 🙂

  3. Beverlyjane says:

    Exquisite art!! I too am a lover of leaves. Thanks so much for sharing your art with us. I am already lined up for your new book.

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