The apple of your eye

The first time I used this verse from the Psalms, “Keep me as the apple of your eye, hide me in the shadow of your wings.” (17:8), it was a custom order.  A father requested this verse on a pendant for his daughter who was going off to college.  My daughter is the apple of her daddy’s eye, also, so I could really relate to my customer.

But have you ever wondered what the verse really means?  I did some study and it’s so cool!

Any artist who has attempted realistic drawing or painting of faces knows that there must be a highlight on the eyeball for it to look alive.  The highlight, usually appearing as a white dot on the eye, is a reflection of the brightest light source near the person.   A really good photo can show what’s in front of the eye, as it catches the image reflected.

a painting I did for a friend, as a gift for her mother

So what?  Here’s the interesting part:  In Hebrew, the translation of the phrase is ‘You are as the little man in the eye’ .  The psalmist was asking to be as close to God as if he is the reflection on God’s eye.

The Latin translation of apple is pupillum or in English, pupil.  We know that the eyelid reflex is one of the most protective in the body.   If we are kept as the apple of God’s eye, then God’s reflex is to protect us.  I’ve not done a study on the word wings here, but I suspect it is the same word, kenaph which we explored last week.

Wondering why the lesson on eschatology today?  I’ve been listening to some podcasts about sales and business.  One speaker pointed out that if we are passionate about what we do, our speaking about it will be sincere and authentic.  If we are authentic, we don’t need to be worried about being the “annoying or pushy salesman.”

So, I’ve been thinking a lot about my passion and the purpose to making the jewelry I make.  Of course I want to sell what I make.  I can’t afford to make it otherwise.  But my bigger goal is for people to connect with the words, the meaning, the heart of God conveyed if it is a scripture piece.  Or with the love of nature if a fashion piece.

Blessings to you today.

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3 comments on “The apple of your eye
  1. terry says:

    Thank you, Pat, for the inspiration and for your passion. I too seek to share God’s word thru my art. Though I haven’t done much serious polymer work for a couple years it still tugs at my heart to return to it. Lately He has called me to the world of paints.

    I thoroughly love the direction your art has gone and now follow your blog so I don’t miss any of it or your words.

    May you feel blessed today as you have blessed me.

  2. Patricia says:

    Thanks for your words of wisdom.I’m really happy to follow your growth,and that you accompany me in mine.Greetings from Argentina and blessings to you

  3. cindyinsd says:

    Beautiful word study, Patti! I did know the “apple” referred to the pupil, but you dug deeper than that to find an even more intimate meaning. I love the reflection. And the converse is that when we draw that close to God, He will also be the reflection in our eyes. What a revelation of our oneness with Him, and His desire toward us and our desire toward Him.

    Thanks so much!


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