keep it simple s…illy

Ever spend time searching for good ideas far and wide when you should look right in front of you?

I’ve been doing a number of different styles and trying to decide if they would be good to add to my lines.  Some things I felt were too complicated and would be too pricey.  Other things are too one-of-a-kind to put in my lines.  I can sell them direct, but it’s impossible to specify color, pattern, text, etc. conveniently, especially for stores.

Finally, I realized that I have some very popular items that just need to be expanded.  Duh!  I’ve got a group of leaf impressed earring styles that are good sellers.  I’d just never done pendants in the same style.  And they could be done in a manner that puts them at very marketable price points.

Wow.  I think these will do well.  Sometimes I try to make the creative process way too complicated!

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2 comments on “keep it simple s…illy
  1. Linda Livingston says:

    Really great idea and yes simple. I think I’d like to buy this set or a set like it. we’ll talk

  2. cindyinsd says:

    Simple is so often best. Everyone loves impressions of leaves–whether to make them or to enjoy them. It’s hard to improve on such a gorgeous creation of God.

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