learning and teaching

They always say the best teachers always keep learning.   I hope I embody such a value.  I know I learned a lot of tips and tricks from my students last week.  One thing that certainly facilitates learning both ways is when the students and the teacher come from different perspectives.

My students last week are all accomplished in the areas of lampwork glass and metal.  Polymer clay was a mostly new world for them.   So it was easy to present a perspective that shifts the understanding of what is possible in clay.

I learned a few things about tools from my host, who gets teased a bit about having one of Everything!!  But it’s likely a bit of envy, too.  Anyway, I’m quite busy with some new ventures, but in the back of my mind, I’m thinking about how I can make my small studio space more efficient and effective.  Some spring cleaning and organizing would be a good place to start, but I think I’ve got some larger issues to tackle as well…. hmm… anybody have good studio tips for me?

Hope you are all having a good day,


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2 comments on “learning and teaching
  1. Trina Williams says:

    Hopefully you won’t have termites!
    I was all set to do a good spring cleaning when the little
    buggers showed up. Now I have to wait until the Spring swarming season is over. How is THAT for an excuse.

    • pattikimle says:

      Oh Trina! How awful! I’ve always been told that we don’t have termites in Iowa. Too far north or too much winter, I don’t know…. Tell that to the powers-that-be though, we still have to have real estate inspected for it before a sale.

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