Student and reader feedback

One of the great things about teaching is seeing what students come up with as they synthesize the information I present and express it with their own artistic voice.  In the old days, that teacher gratification came only during the class if the students were able to complete something during the class.  Now, with the blogosphere, I can get feedback beyond the class, as well as feedback from those who’ve only met me through the pages of my books.

That’s so cool!

Here’s what one of my Indy students told me:  “It was an eye opening learning experience and really will change the way I do some things.  The two days were a creative kick in the butt and something I occasionally need to get the mojo going again.  So, a big THANK YOU!”

Go check out what Lisa at Polka Dot Cottage did.  My editor sent her more copies than I got so far, (how’d that happen, Karin??!!) so she’s beating me to the “give away” punchline.


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4 comments on “Student and reader feedback
  1. Lisa Clarke says:

    She only sent one – but I’m selling the books in my shop as soon as they’re available, so I’m giving the winner the choice of taking my copy, or waiting for a brand new one 🙂

  2. Susan Spalter says:

    Hi Patti:

    I would love love love a signed copy of your new book. Congratulations.


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