up and running

I think, after all sorts of issues, that my computer is back up in every way.  All viruses expunged, the hard drive wiped, and all my software and files re-installed.  Oh, what fun!

Here’s the new design I was planning to post when I had my computer issues…

Verse pendants

These are a solution to a problem:  I liked having the faux stone verse pendants spin, so that one time when you look at your necklace, you see the verse, and the next you might see the leaves of the other side.  Well, I’ve a customer who always ordered a certain style with a leaf impression on one side and the verse on the back but it looks like this and can’t flip around:

Ecclesiastes 3:1

Since it’s made with the tube bead across the top, when the verse is on the back, you have to choose which side will show.  So my ingenious new design spins on a balled wire through the flat strip across the top.  I like it.

I’m also working hard to get up and running on several new ventures.  One of which is that some good friends have convinced me to try my scripture line as home-party marketing.  This weekend is my first show.  Wish me luck!



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2 comments on “up and running
  1. Patricia says:

    They are lovely.Wish you luck this weekend.I’m sure you’ll have a great time.Greetings from Argentina

  2. Deb Castle says:

    Your designs are timeless. And I hope you have a great home party this weekend. Those always sound like fun.

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