a sad chick update

I’ve avoided a new post all day because I just don’t want to think about it .  But this weekend, we had a predator get into our barn.  We had moved the chicks into the barn only on monday.  We’re not sure if it was a racoon, a weasel or something else.  It killed all of sissy’s hens and took 19 of the 24 chicks that were out there.  Now we’ve got a trap in the barn and the surviving chicks are back in the basement.  My daughter was crushed.  After we catch it, and plug the spot it got in, we will have to start again.

I’m reminded that the natural world isn’t always pretty.  That not only people, but all the earth is stained by sin.  It won’t ever be peaceful here until His Kingdom comes.  It’s a hard lesson for adults and even more for tenderhearted girls.

Anyway, I’m praying for a better week.  I got my garden planted saturday afternoon.  My husband has more work ahead as he must get the fence re-installed to protect the plants from the rabbits.  And I’m keeping busy in the studio.  I’ll try to post something more uplifting later this week.



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2 comments on “a sad chick update
  1. cindyinsd says:

    That’s so sad–I’m so sorry! No matter how old our kids get (my little girl is 18–it’s not fair!), we always yearn for their hearts to be whole. Of course in this world we experience sorrow, and that’s a part of our character development–but it’s so, so hard to watch that happening to our little ones. Maybe even harder on us than on them.

  2. So sorry about your birds– we had the same happen to our 3 hens — which had just started laying– and it was definitely a fisher (weasel). They have been reintroduced into Vermont (???) to kill porcupines. Mankind should just leave the natural world alone! Now we have built new chicken arks that will foil even the wiliest predator and so far (fingers crossed) our 38 hens are growing well and enjoying all that good free-range grass. Traps will not catch a fisher, so I’m told.

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