For the bride

My goddaughter is getting married tomorrow.

I’m trying not to feel old!!  Between my soph and jr years of college, I was the nanny for my brother’s family.  My 2 nieces were 8 and 6, the boys were 4 and 2.   That summer we played in the yard and went to the park.  At the same time as being responsible for the kids, I also did piecework for a dollmaker.  I would get piles of sewn arms and legs I had to turn and stuff.  The boys liked to jump onto the big bags of polyester stuffing I was supposed to use to fill the doll limbs.

{I also got to potty train my youngest nephew that summer, but I won’t go into that story now… but it’s a good one!}

Anyway, soon all four of those kids will be married and have families of their own.  They are at various stages of that already.  Time flies!

So I decided my goddaughter needed to receive something special in addition to the home item I picked from their registry.  Here’s the front side:

Song of Solomon pendant

and for the back I used one of my newest molds:

(remember that aerogarden?  the dill has gone to seed and this mold was some of the seeded portion against some of the leaf.)

Well, I’m off to iron my dress for tomorrow.  Have a great weekend!



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