back in my time zone…I think

Well, we made it safely to Greece and back home.  It was a fantastic trip!  It’s taking me a couple days to get back on track though.  I don’t do 24 hour long travel days very well.  And just as I always say about schools and daycares, I think planes and airports are human petrie dishes.  Germ factories.  Yesterday I started feeling a sore throat and drippy nose… ugh.  Loading up with vitamin C, D and Zicam!!

Anyway, enough of that.

All those years ago, in my Art History Survey class, I would never have dreamed that I would someday stand on the Acropolis of Athens.  I don’t know if I have words to express how awesome the ruins are and the thoughts that assail me when I realize how old it is… or think of who else in history may have walked there…

the Parthenon

Kevin and I in front of the Parthenon

I came home refreshed and excited.  And to be honest, relieved to be home without any travel issues (we left on the 18th and Greece had another general strike on the 19th!!) more major than the delayed luggage (26 of the 30 in our group wore the same clothes from sunday to thursday…)

The students had a good time and I think they learned a lot.  They conducted themselves well and we’re proud of them.

Have an awesome weekend, all.  It’s good to be home.  I’m planning a Greek dinner this weekend with friends!  I’ll share some more pics and stories next week.



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