Off to Milwaukee

It’s been a busy week.  When I got home from Greece, my in-box held more orders than 3 usual weeks!  So those got done and sent, thank goodness!

Then it was planning for classes and packing.  I’m teaching again at the Bead & Button Show in Milwaukee.  Doing the 2day workshop and 2 shorter classes.

examples of the projects in the workshop

This is work that evolved concurrently with the book, so they are similar to some of the book instructions.  But don’t you love picking up the tips and tricks in person?  I do.  And I’ve taken lots of classes in my day also.

I spent one afternoon going through all the samples from the book and labeling and pricing them.  Now that the book is published, I am willing to send them out into the world.  (Except a few I can’t part with…)  And then building a display for them for the Meet the Teachers reception.  That is one of my favorite events of the week–of course, the socializing!

So, I’m off to work.  See you back here next week if you aren’t in Milwaukee.



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