the routine of no routine

Summer always has it’s own rhythm. It’s out of time for me, yet it is a time to do things differently.  It’s typically a slow time for orders for stores… they rush to fill their inventory in the spring before the summer vacation/travel season, then they wait. So I wait. Then after Labor Day, galleries start to think about their holiday inventory.

In the meantime, I do the bead show. I prepare my plans for next year’s bead show. I spend time with the kids and their projects–believe me, they are many!

Since the oldest has the sheep, and the youngest has the chickens, now the middle child is considering dairy goats! He’s looked up feta cheese recipes, packaging, the whole thing!! We shall see if anything comes of this one… dh loves the entrepreneur, so it falls to me to maintain a semblance of reason around here…!

Then there’s the fact that we live on a small acreage and there’s always nature to contend with. I expect that if this house were left empty for several months, nature–from creepy crawlies, to plants and trees and all the rest would just reclaim it all. Last weekend, we had an awful storm in central Iowa. We had lots of tree damage as did people all over the area. We’ve cleaned up what we could, but there are several trees that will need professional equipment to take care of them. (I’d show you pictures, but recently my computer and camera software have apparently had a fight. They aren’t on speaking terms anymore…. sigh.)

Anyway, I’m sorry for the long absence. I’ll try to do better once summer’s over and routine is re-established. In the meantime, here are some new earring designs. They are metal clay with 22k gold accents.

two-tone paisely stripe

two-tone key swirl stripes

two-tone center stripe

Have a blessed week.


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One comment on “the routine of no routine
  1. Great new earrings! I need to remember to try adding gold accents more often.

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