Water, water everywhere

Please pray for residents in Central Iowa facing flooding.  This is the main thoroughfare at the heart of Ames with campus buildings in the background:

lincoln way and university boulevard

More rain fell Tuesday morning, and lots more again overnight and this morning.  The creek and river that converge in Ames may both crest at new record levels.  And the floods of 93 were the 500 year high… The interstates and highways around Ames and DesMoines are closed or will be later today. Main routes through town are closed.  It’s a mess.

Businesses are sandbagging and trying to protect their property. The University crews are rushing to protect buildings on campus that are in the flood plain.  We all remember pictures of 1993 when waters rushed into Hilton Coliseum and the water was up to the parquet level of seating.

Last night, just to lighten the mood, I found our cd of the Best of Bill Cosby and played the “Noah, Right!” skit.  If you don’t know it, look for it on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bputeFGXEjA

I’ve got wet carpet in my basement, but that’s nothing new.  That happens to me occasionally, but as the song says, “this ain’t nothing.”  I’ve got a system for cleaning that up and drying it out.  Someday, maybe I can figure a permanent fix to that, but I think it’s just what happens when the sponge that is Iowa soil just won’t hold anymore.

with wet feet,


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