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Ahh, so much for my resolution to post more regularly, huh!  Well, I’ve gotten tired of looking at my last post headline so I figured I’d better do something about it.

It’s getting to feel a little more like fall here.  The soccer season for my three kids is in full swing.  I have to share a little funny that happened this weekend.  My hubby and sons were at a tournament in one town, and I took my daughter to a game in another.  Well, the sunscreen wasn’t in my vehicle, the boys had it.  I figured with a polo shirt and jeans, I’d be fine for one game. But I was facing into the sun for the whole hour.   I did get a little burn inside the vee of my shirt neckline.  But I was branded–the cross I always wear blocked the sun and I now have a white cross on my throat, surrounded by pink!

So here’s another new work.  It’s a variation on the LORD’s Prayer in that I used the text direct from Matthew’s gospel.

This was also a contest entry.  I can’t wait to find out if it is accepted.

Have a great week.


Posted in polymer clay, silver jewelry

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