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I’ve just returned from the printer and I’m so excited!  I’ve spent about the last 5 days working very hard on the photos and layout of a new catalog.  It’ will be an 8 page booklet and each page shows the jewelry for my Precious Text line at or nearly full size.  Here’s the cover:

cover of my new catalog

I shot the images with the jewelry arranged on a bed of rock salt.  Hence, the collection title “salt and light”.

Several of my friends have talked me into trying this line as a home-party plan.  I’ve had several parties and they have been well received.  I do a little bible study to start, using verses about silver and the refining process.

I talk about how silver and gold refining were done in biblical times and the illustration for us.  God’s goal for us is for our souls to be refined of all our flaws.  It’s a process that isn’t usually comfortable and is often painful but God, being the refiner, sits with us, just as the refiner in biblical times had to sit very close to the fire and tend to the process.

Next, in my parties, I demonstrate metal clay firing.  As my husband says, nobody can resist fire in a demonstration!  People appreciate seeing the process of how the work is made and understanding the differences between metal clay and traditional jewelry.

So, I have another party this weekend.  Wish me luck!  If you’d like a copy of my catalog, send me your address and I’d be happy to send one along.



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2 comments on “Precious Text catalog
  1. terry czechowski says:

    That sounds like a WONDERFUL home party idea! You are telling them of God’s caring touch to mold us. (audio) and providing a visual experience to cement the thought. You are also creating beautiful witnessing tools. You are truly gifted and I pray that God uses you this weekend.

    You are a wonder inspiration. Thank you for sharing

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