My TV Debut

Katie and I on camera

This week, I had the pleasure of presenting two projects for taping on the show Beads, Baubles & Jewels.  I was invited just before Thanksgiving to be on the show by the host, Katie Hacker.  The show is produced by an independent film production company in Cleveland and it runs on PBS stations all around the country (unfortunately not here in central Iowa…)

When I told my best bud about the opportunity, she immediately volunteered to go along and be my cheerleader.  I got great support from Polyform Products and from my publisher, Kalmbach Books.  So I agreed to go.

When I write for books or magazines, I do the photos each step of the process here in the studio as I make the project.  However, for tv, each step must be shown individually, so many iterations of the same thing are created and taken to different levels of completion.  So for example, one of the projects was a bead.  I’ve now got about 6 of that bead in various stages of completion…  I think I’ll probably finish them and put them up on my etsy page… stay tuned.

Anyway, my friend took some photos for me.  Here’s me getting beautiful with the makeup artist, Karen:

Laying out my project on the set:

And here’s Linda, “my people”…

Cleveland was experiencing a snowstorm this week while we were there, so a couple of Monday’s designers couldn’t make it.  But Molly Challer and Claudine Hellmuth also taped segments on Monday.  Here we are with Katie Hacker, the host of the show:

Me, Claudine, Katie, and Molly

After the taping, Linda and I went to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.  I loved seeing all the costumes from various bands.  And we ate at a celebrity chef’s restaurant downtown.  All in all, it was an awesome trip.



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2 comments on “My TV Debut
  1. so nice to have met you at the show!!

  2. […] and Jewels, a craft how-to that airs on some PBS stations.  I blogged about the experience here.   The irony is that no local PBS station in Iowa airs the program, so I had never seen more than […]

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