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Okay.  I have a confession to make.  I’m a nerd.  I know it.  I liked Geometry in High School.  I won a state spelling contest in the 4th grade.  I liked Philosophy in college and I took 9 credits of it.  I was even a Grader one semester of grad school for a Philosophy-Ethics class (a step below a teaching assistant).

I grew up Catholic.  In my experience, catechism was mostly about accepting Roman Catholic doctrine.  We didn’t debate it.  We didn’t learn that there were any other theologies.  When I took instruction to join the Lutheran Church before I got married, I learned about theological differences.  I was fascinated by the Reformation and Luther.  Then I learned that after Luther, there were further developments and debates.  So in the past 20 years, I’ve always tried to understand the differences and pin thoughts and views into place, historically and theologically speaking….

I just took Paul Tillich’s History of Christian Thought out of my local library.  One chapter into it, and I’ve bought a used copy on Amazon because I need to make notes on the pages and I know I’ll want to keep this reference. I’m guessing it was a seminary text when it was originally written.

I tried to read a paragraph I thought excellent to my husband and all he said was… “whoa…”

After looking through both a used and new (but struggling) bookstore today, I came home with St. Augustine’s Confessions.

I’m thinking there aren’t very many fashionable cocktail parties that I would fit in or be a real contributor in… what do you think?  lol.

bezel front, verse back

Since I have a rule for myself that I should have at least one photo per blog post, here’s a photo of a new verse style I developed this week.  There’s a verse on the back and the bezel is important on the front…




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2 comments on “theology nerd
  1. terry says:

    Though I wouldn’t fall into the “nerd” class I have been enjoying a book from the library as well, and had to buy it for myself because I had been literally copying whole pages into my journal. Radical: Taking your faith back from the American Dream by David Platt. oooo sooo highly recommended

    Don’t think I will investigate your two texts though, hope you aren’t offended.

  2. pattikimle says:

    No, I’m not offended at all! But I will check out the book you mention.

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