Hold Faith

I thought I’d share a couple things from the weekend.

First is a picture of my daughter doing her thing as goalkeeper for her soccer team.  They had a tough weekend, and didn’t make it into the semi-final round.  And she’s the second of my children who have played goal keeper.  I think it’s the toughest position to watch your own kid play.  I rarely have any fingernails left after a game.  I usually pace a lot, too!  I have to say all the other parents are very supportive and everyone remembers it’s a team effort.  And we’re all gonna have to hold faith because these girls play in a tough league.  Practice for spring season starts in just a few weeks.

I did get a chance to paint a bit on Saturday and finished this painting:

I still maintain that I won’t really know my style for a while, but I’m having fun.  The only thing on this painting I regret is that I would like to have used a smaller font size on the verse text.  this face was painted with acrylics also.  I think I’m just more comfortable with that since I add details with paint, markers, pencils, and whatever works.

Have a good week everyone!  Thanks for stopping by!



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