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Draw near

I’ve been playing with a combination of drawing and painting and I really like it.  This technique combines soft charcoal with titanium white paint.   Essentially, you draw a picture and then paint over it with the paint, binding the charcoal

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self-teaching and re-learning

In an effort to further find my own style, I decided to put myself in class this week.  I spent a lot of time watching youtube videos of various portrait artists this week.  And I started painting faces without putting

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for the exercise challenged

In an attempt to be whimsical, I offer today’s painting: The etymology of the word inspiration includes “breathe into” and “spirit breath”.  In the literal translation, God inspired Adam when he breathed life into the clay formed body of man.

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coming back around

Just like in the body, everything is connected in the creative life.  One experience leads to another.  Inspiration or an image in one work feeds the next work. I took a tiny cropped part of the last painting and made

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be joyful in hope

Today’s painting: Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.  Romans 12:12.  This verse is a popular one on my jewelry.  I’ve always liked it very much, myself, too.  This face had such a serene expression, I so

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really mixed media paintings

As I expected, my history is creeping into my paintings.  I made some thin polymer leaves from my cache of molds and added them to the surface.  Today’s painting includes ginkgo leaves, which are a symbol of prosperity: Her quotation

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