coming back around

Just like in the body, everything is connected in the creative life.  One experience leads to another.  Inspiration or an image in one work feeds the next work. I took a tiny cropped part of the last painting and made a t-shirt transfer image on polymer.  I mounted it within a silver setting, including the same verse, “be joyful in hope…” and riveted it onto the silver.

I may not know WHY I’m painting right now.  I mean, I know I’m painting because it is fun and I like it.  But I don’t know where it might lead me.  A friend sent me a picture of paint brushes with a note stuck over them  that says “your job is to show up and listen.”  That is what I’m trying to do.  Listen to the voice deep inside that will lead me to continue to create work that glorifies my Lord.

I painted another face today with that thought in mind.

Soli Deo gloria is latin for “Glory to God alone.”  J. S. Bach  and Handel both wrote the initials SDG on their musical compositions to show that they offered their creativity to serve God and to witness to his greatness.  May I remember to follow such example.



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One comment on “coming back around
  1. terry says:

    I like the incorporation of your painting with polymer. And I like the SDG part. Nice thing to keep in mind

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