Draw near

I’ve been playing with a combination of drawing and painting and I really like it.  This technique combines soft charcoal with titanium white paint.   Essentially, you draw a picture and then paint over it with the paint, binding the charcoal and creating a monochromatic image.  You can repeat the process, adding more drawing and painting for as long as you wish.

The verse I used on this is James 4:8, “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.”  I thought I had lightened up the area for the text enough, but it doesn’t read very well.  Otherwise, I like it very much.

For the initial sketch, I worked from a photo of LeeAnn Rimes on her latest album.  see it here.  When I showed him, my son chuckled and said I did good.

Tomorrow is a day off of school, so we will have an extended weekend around here…

Blessings, Patti

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2 comments on “Draw near
  1. terry says:

    I like this, you are really developing your own style here.
    Greetings from Belgium. Awesome time here. I met with the Lord in the Cathedral of St Pauls in London and then again today He met with me in the Church of St Michael in Brussels. Hope to fill you in when I return.

  2. KT Did Clay says:

    This is an awesome piece also Patti. I love the technique you used. Keep growing! Kelly

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