wait for the Lord

My soul waits for the Lord. I’m still listening for his leading and trying new things, keeping faith that all this has a purpose He will show me…

I’m so thrilled with the new art supplies I ordered.  This portrait was done with oil paint sticks.  These are solid sticks of oil color.  They are like the first crayons you give little kids, big and fat, with little control.  But they are creamy and yummy!  I finger painted with them!  (and a little detailing with a q-tip).  I love the ethereal quality of this face.  The rest is mixed media of acrylic, ink, etc.

And the great thing?  The instructions say that the oils dry in 24 hours, but I found that on paper, with no gesso or matte medium under it, the oils can be dried instantly with a heat gun.  So layering is easy and detailing with any other media is great.  When I tried them over canvas, it was not as easy to add other media on top as they retain a thickness and creamy texture that interfered with pens and pencils on top.

Next up:  the water-soluble crayons I also ordered.  If anyone needs a discount art supply site, try MisterArt.com!



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