In quietness

For thus the Lord GOD, the Holy One of Israel, has said,  “In repentance and rest you will be saved, in quietness and trust is your strength.”  –Isaiah 30:15

I’m moving forward.  I’m starting to think in terms of this work as a product line.  I’m exploring printing options to make prints.  I’m printing some cards.  I’m becoming more willing to show these paintings to art people, not just my close friends and you cyber friends (and strangers, LOL).

My oldest even gave me the reverse of the lecture I gave him about copyright and images on the web… (I was impressing on him not to just use an image from google on his web pages, he was telling me to protect myself from others grabbing mine, thus I added a watermark to today’s painting.)

At the same time, I’ve got a couple actual jewelry ORDERS this week to fill, so I’ve had to clear the paint from the workspace and get out the jewelry tools!  Sheesh!  What’s that about?  Just Kidding!

As the kids say, Its all Good.



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One comment on “In quietness
  1. terry says:

    I love to see your style developing. Love the words on this one. I agree with your son and think your watermark is just fine. I like to save images that are inspirational and when they are watermarked I know who I have been inspired by. I much prefer watermarks rather than postage stamp size images that you can’t see detail or read quotes.

    We are back from our trip and I gotta say that it was very spiritual and emotional. Gotta e you when I get a chance…..

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