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I’ve been spending a little time each day lately cleaning in my studio, tackling different counters, drawers, etc. until I get distracted or better, inspired.  There are two types of organization for creative people, I’ve heard… those who have a place for every supply and every tool and everything is put away.  And those who have to have things out in plain sight so they can see what they have.  I definitely lean to the latter.  Although I usually function pretty well in a state of “controlled chaos,” every once in a while, it’s good to put things away.

In my cleaning spree this week, I came across some pewter beads that I purchased at the Bead & Button show this year.  I’d laid them aside and forgot about them after the show.  The beads I’d purchased from a company called North Lake Trading Co, Avon Lake Ohio.

As an aside, alternative materials and less precious metals were big trends at the show this year.  With the price of silver and gold so high and volatile, pewter, copper, steel, and even aluminum findings were popular.  As were fibers, leather, and rubber cording of many types as substitutes for chain.

Anyway, these bead frames are quite delicate and inspired me to sort out some of my flower canes for a project.

To fill these frames, I reduced the canes to just slightly smaller than the space inside.  Cut about 1/8″ thick slices, then pressed from both sides to expand the slice to fill the frame and lock the clay over the inside rim just a bit.  Pierced before baking and then added some beads on the wire.  I think the results are sweet.  I have loads of old flower and geometric canes to use.  Bracelets would be fun as well.  Have fun!

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