deadline approaching

I’m bleary-eyed.  I’ve been working with tons of images, matching raw and jpg files and naming them according to protocol for my publisher.  One more chapter’s worth of files to name, then the rest of the writing….

What am I writing this time?  A beginner polymer clay book focused on the technique of caning.  I have been working on it for a couple of months and I have just a few weeks to go before my manuscript deadline.

Want a peek?  This is my table in the midst of some of the cane assembly and photography:

messy workspace

This book has been an interesting and fun challenge for me.  I’ve had to keep “beginner” in mind, yet I wanted the canes and the finished jewelry and beads to maintain a high standard of good design and excellent technical detail and finish.

Here’s another peek.  This drawer contains many of the canes I made for the book.  The first part of the book is very simple, basic canes, the second half is more complex canes and combinations of the basics.

canes in progress

Ok.  Time to go back to my bleary task of file naming.   BKS–64506-….I’m gonna be typing this code in my sleep!!



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