There have been a lot of changes here at Patricia Kimle Designs…  Obviously, if you’ve ever read this blog before, you will notice that it’s not just a blog, but a full blown website now.  And it’s under my own domain, which means I took the old kimledesigns site down.  After much consideration and personal debate, I also took down the site.  I’ve long known that they weren’t well designed sites, and coupled with my all-thumbs approach to webdesign and maintenance with the fact they weren’t generating interest, I decided to pull the plug..  So please checkout the galleries.  I only put up a small selection of items, but with the ease of these pages here at wordpress, I’m hoping to rotate things often.

The other big change is that I finished the manuscript for my next book and sent all the materials to Kalmbach Books a week ago.  (4 days early, I might add!!)  Here’s a few of my favorite caned projects from both the instructional and the gallery images.

The book covers polymer clay basics, and design elements of color and pattern in Part one.  Part two is the basic canes of stripe, checkerboard, bull’s-eye, and spiral.  Part three covers complex canes.

A complex cane pendant from chapter 8

After all the projects were designed and written, I did a few more projects for a gallery of designs going for “glam” and star power yet maintaining the use of canes that were very simple.  Elegance was my goal…

Gold pendant with simple floating canes from Gallery

Have a great weekend.  This time, I promise to, and really will, see you again soon!



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  1. Wow! Sounds great! So curious about it!

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