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I’m blogging at this month.  Here’s a reprint of this week’s offering:

Like many artists, I like to try other media occassionally.  I came to polymer clay from textiles, so I took lots of fiber classes in college.  Later, I have taken watercolor painting classes, and on my own, I’ve explored other painting and mixed media.  One of my current outside polymer interests is making mixed media paintings including close-ups of women’s faces.

As a treat for myself, I bought the whole 132 color set of PrismaColor pencils.  Yummy color!!  In the faces I draw, I begin with an underpainting in oil, then add the colored pencil for the details.

My outside polymer explorations usually feed in some way back to polymer.

Today, I did a small experiment of drawing a face directly onto baked clay.  I found that a mixture of 1/2 UltraLight clay and 1/2 Original white Sculpey makes a wonderful, toothy surface that takes the colored pencil beautifully!  Here’s a little experiment, an all pencil drawing on the baked clay.  I’m sure I’ll want to explore this in more depth when the bead show is over and I have some quiet time this summer….

Let me share a few other cross-over media inspirations…  Years ago, when I did watercolor, I experimented with painting with alcohol ink on polymer in the same manner as one would watercolor, ie, layers of washes, etc.  Here’s an old set of paintings on brooches:


More recently, I did a series of pendant beads using transfers of some of the paintings of faces:

These beads are the subject of one of my classes at the upcoming Bead & Button Show.  See how good it is to step away into something else once in a while?  Just remember to bring what you learn back into your clay work and it’ll always be refreshed.

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  1. Michele Dickey says:

    I found you on line!!! How cool is this! You are everywhere on line! Your work is amazing! I love that you drew right in the baked clay! Did you spray this or glaze it in any way to keep it from coming off? If so what did you use. I’ve recently found an awesome product called super seal spray. I use it on everything from scrapbooking to polymer clay! I have wanted to try transfers but I haven’t found one that really works great. How did you do the transfers. Thanks a bunch!

    • pattikimle says:

      That drawing was not coated with anything. Its prismacolor pencil direct onto clay. It certainly could be covered with a sealant, but I’d experiment first to make sure the color doesn’t lift or blend.

      There are many ways to do transfers. My fav is using t-shirt transfer paper. Burnish firmly and bake together. Peel paper after clay is mostly cooled.

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