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I’m very excited about a new line I’ve been working on over the last few months.

In June, I talked with my husband about my need to move in a new direction in my work and in my business.  We talked about the fact that I was disappointed in the efforts I had made to lauch Precious Text as a home party line.  I know my weakness is in marketing.  I’m not shy, per se, but self-promotion has always been very uncomfortable for me.  Not good when you need to call people and ask them to host a home party for you.

However, I knew that I really wanted to keep my designs with a Christian focus.

My husband suggested that I create an army of teens as my sales force. …? how?  By offering my products as a fundraiser for groups.  Church youth groups, kids working toward mission trips, etc.

Perfect!  I’ve always been most gratified by making work that is not only beautiful, but meaningful to the wearer.  And I’ll be able to assist others in witnessing about their Christian faith while reaching toward financial goals.

So in developing a new line, I’ve kept certain considerations in mind; the line needed to include designs that might be worn both by young men and women.  I needed designs that were also ageless so a teen might like things, but so would Mom and Aunt Judy.  There are also a few non-jewelry items–pens and magnet sets–for those who will support a fundraiser but don’t like or wear jewelry.

The line includes just a few pieces that are silver metal clay, most are polymer.  And most designs are on rubber cords rather than metal chain in order to keep prices down.  The sales price for all items ranges from $22.00 to $80.  And 40% of all sales will benefit the group selling for whatever their mission or ministry goals.

This new venture is called Words Of Purpose jewelry and gifts.  Watch here and I will be letting you see some of the products up close and will let you know about the official launch.



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2 comments on “new ventures preview
  1. Terry says:

    AWESOME ! Can’t wait to see the designs! Love this idea. Getting God’s Word out there, in a beautiful format and helping fundraising for other projects aimed at glorifying God a GREAT “two-fee”.
    Best wishes in this win-win endeavor.

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