Polymer Cafe Profile

I’m honored to be profiled in the December issue of Polymer Cafe magazine.

The article was written by Trina Williams, a friend I first met long ago at one of the Ravensdale conferences sponsored by the Northwest Polymer Guild in the Seattle area.  It’s a lovely, flattering piece and I’m honored.  I did select and furnish the pictures.  My kids noticed that some of them are “really old work!”

Along with the profile, I wrote a pendant project which is also featured using a mokume gane variation and metal clay for a bail.  Here’s the project:

Thanks Trina and Anne!



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2 comments on “Polymer Cafe Profile
  1. Thanks for the good words, Patti. I did my demo at Sandy Camp on the water color effects with inks and dyes (made with Rit) and showed them the article and your book Polymer Clay Inspirations as the “mother” of the technique. Even though that book came out in 2004 there were plenty of people who didn’t have it so you may see an uptick in sales.

    • pattikimle says:

      PC Inspirations is out of print now, so they’ll have to look for used or resellers on Amazon. It won’t likely be in any bookstores.

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