It’s here!! It’s finished!!

I usually meet my UPS delivery guys at the door so they know the dog is all bark and would never hurt anyone.  Today, I met the guy half way up the driveway cause I was so excited about what he was bringing me!!

My latest book is back from the printer!  Yeah!

I saw the pages in December for final editing, so the layout and design is not a surprise, but its still a very exciting moment to have all the pages in a complete form.

Here’s some peeks:

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So exciting!  I hope you look for it and love it too!  Order here from Kalmbach for the quickest delivery!

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11 comments on “It’s here!! It’s finished!!
  1. Congratulations! Beautifully done!

  2. Susan Guiswite says:

    Your book came today! It is great. However, I need help with something. I don’t understand how to achieve a smooth sheet of cane slices. Your work shows no seams and looks so unified and smooth. How do you that? I’ve read about it in your book and others but so few details are given. I must be missing something because I have trouble with lumpiness and seams. Please help.

    • pattikimle says:

      Thanks for the kind word. To get smooth sheets, first slice the cane as evenly as possible. Butt the slices against each other without overlap. Then roll first with a small diameter rod, such as the 1/4″ acrylic rod. Then with a 1″ rod. Finally, you can put the sheet through the pasta machine, but be careful to not expand the pattern too much by going significantly thinner. If you must go through the pasta machine, then perhaps the cane should be “over-reduced” to begin so that the scale of the pattern stays within your desired design.

  3. Carolyn Gimplowitz says:

    Love, love, love it!!!! It’s just beautiful. Would love to know how to mix some of your colors.

  4. teresa d says:

    I nearly danced off the front porch when I got your book. I agree I would love to know how to mix your color. They are beautiful, especially the green.

    • pattikimle says:

      well, I hope you didn’t FALL off your porch! Which project would you like to know more about the colors?

      • teresa d says:

        It would have been a short fall and I’m fairly fluffy so doubt much damage. 🙂
        Oh thank you for this…!! Your greens, blues and purples are stunning…. page 19, skinner blend, pg. 26,pg.52 Blended spiral, pg.54 Greek key spiral the green, pg.72, pg.83, pg.88 bottom picture. I hope this doesn’t seem too greedy its just they are all so awesome ….(.I am running out of high praise descriptive words LOL). I didn’t know which one to pick.
        . Your are a kind, generous, extremely talented lady. Thank you..

      • pattikimle says:

        p 19were mixed from scraps except the color on the right end is pure silver so I can’t give recipe
        p 26 is all the Premo accent colors each straight from the package I thinkt here were 8 colors plus black.
        p 52 is a rose made from alizarin and silver blended to silver with navy in the stripe
        54 navy with pure sunshine yellow. My navy always starts with mostly equal parts of ultramarine and black, sometimes add silver.
        p. 72the lavender and pinks were custom blended and I don’t have proportion notes… the middle colors were package magenta pearl, pomegranate, and purple un-mixed
        p. 83 I don’t have notes, but I’m sure this color started with turquoise and had ultramarine and silver added, maybe a little black.
        p.88 same as above.
        have fun!

      • teresa d says:

        Thank you so much for the help. I really appreciate it. Maybe your next book should be about color.

      • pattikimle says:

        I am doing a class at Bead & Button this year called Color Theory and Caning…. where do you live? The show is awesome!

      • teresa d says:

        I’m in Kansas and its in WI. I wish I could go but its to far on my meager budget. 😦
        Maybe you could put that class on
        You are so generous, thank you for sharing and have a safe trip.


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