This year my husband and I celebrated our 25th Anniversary.  And we did it in Italy!!

My husband had been to Rome twice in the last 6 months and the first time, it nearly killed me that he saw the Vatican without me!!  The second time, he took our daughter.  The third time, it was my turn!  We had a couple days in Rome, a couple days in Florence, and we spent two days driving through Tuscany looking for wineries!  Make sure you have a GPS and charged batteries!!

It was a fabulous trip.  25+ years ago, as a student in many, many art history courses, I’d never have dreamed I’d see those sites and works in person.  My favorites were the Cathedral in Florence, and a small painting of Michaelangelo’s Madonna and Child with St. Joseph.  Any parents who’ve had toddlers can recognize this real human struggle–the classic hand-off from one parent to the other when the mom or child have had enough of each other!  And how often did it happen in church–at least in my time!


So I promised I’d be back soon and show you some of my artwork.  Here’s a painting I did this summer from one of my photos near Montepulciano.  It’s a watercolor done in the style of Grant Wood and is now hanging in my dining room.

tuscany low resAnd here’s another of a small structure in the garden at our B&B/Villa:

tuscan rose garden copyHere’s to fabulous travels!  And have a great holiday weekend.



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One comment on “tuscany
  1. Michele Dickey says:

    What a remarkable trip!!! So glad you got to go!! Congratulations on 25 years of marriage also!!! I didn’t know you painted so well. Just amazing that you can make your own art for your home.

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