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caned cookies

My book is almost ready to go to press.  Today on Facebook, my editor commented about applying cane principles to cookie making.  I’d say she’s gone a little over board, except I have to admit…. I’ve done it. This cookie

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December is my month to post over at  Go there and read the story behind these new works:

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Polymer Cafe Profile

I’m honored to be profiled in the December issue of Polymer Cafe magazine. The article was written by Trina Williams, a friend I first met long ago at one of the Ravensdale conferences sponsored by the Northwest Polymer Guild in

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no pressure…!

Today, I’m not bragging about me.  I’m bragging about my kid!  And this is a post about the art of food, not jewelry or painting. Many years ago, when we moved to our acreage, my FIL brought us 6 bred

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blogging at

I’m blogging at this month.  Here’s a reprint of this week’s offering: crossing media and coming back Like many artists, I like to try other media occassionally.  I came to polymer clay from textiles, so I took lots of

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a return to painting

It’s been almost a year since I painted a face.  I’ve been wanting to get back to it for quite some time.  I’m so happy to finally do something new. My usual pattern is to paint the face, add the

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There have been a lot of changes here at Patricia Kimle Designs…  Obviously, if you’ve ever read this blog before, you will notice that it’s not just a blog, but a full blown website now.  And it’s under my own

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self-teaching and re-learning

In an effort to further find my own style, I decided to put myself in class this week.  I spent a lot of time watching youtube videos of various portrait artists this week.  And I started painting faces without putting

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coming back around

Just like in the body, everything is connected in the creative life.  One experience leads to another.  Inspiration or an image in one work feeds the next work. I took a tiny cropped part of the last painting and made

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really mixed media paintings

As I expected, my history is creeping into my paintings.  I made some thin polymer leaves from my cache of molds and added them to the surface.  Today’s painting includes ginkgo leaves, which are a symbol of prosperity: Her quotation

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