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paint is cheaper than silver

I’m taking a bit of a hiatus from jewelry making.  Every now and then, I have to prove to myself that I deserve to call myself an artist.  I like to remind myself that I can rely on my creativity,

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My TV Debut

This week, I had the pleasure of presenting two projects for taping on the show Beads, Baubles & Jewels.  I was invited just before Thanksgiving to be on the show by the host, Katie Hacker.  The show is produced by

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Precious Text catalog

I’ve just returned from the printer and I’m so excited!  I’ve spent about the last 5 days working very hard on the photos and layout of a new catalog.  It’ will be an 8 page booklet and each page shows

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Back to a routine

Did you all hear the shouts of Hurray!! from the middle of the country? That was me, as school has begun.  My kids went back to school on Thursday last week.  (They always start on a thursday, which I’ve never

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the routine of no routine

Summer always has it’s own rhythm. It’s out of time for me, yet it is a time to do things differently.  It’s typically a slow time for orders for stores… they rush to fill their inventory in the spring before

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Summer? Is it ever!

I always think that for me, summer never starts until after the Bead & Button show.  By then, the kids are out of school, the pool is open, and I’m ready for that more relaxed routine.  This year, I think

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Off to Milwaukee

It’s been a busy week.  When I got home from Greece, my in-box held more orders than 3 usual weeks!  So those got done and sent, thank goodness! Then it was planning for classes and packing.  I’m teaching again at

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back in my time zone…I think

Well, we made it safely to Greece and back home.  It was a fantastic trip!  It’s taking me a couple days to get back on track though.  I don’t do 24 hour long travel days very well.  And just as

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Where the waters are blue, blue, blue…

Although I haven’t exactly been posting as frequently as I’d hoped, I thought I’d let you know I’ll be gone a while.  We are accompanying a study tour to Greece.  I’m looking forward to seeing the blue waters of the

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up and running

I think, after all sorts of issues, that my computer is back up in every way.  All viruses expunged, the hard drive wiped, and all my software and files re-installed.  Oh, what fun! Here’s the new design I was planning

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