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At the Bead & Button show, I debuted some new products for clayers.  I am currently offering 8 texture plates hand made from my original low relief sculptures.  There are several leaf or flower designs as well as some art

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Ornament reminiscences

(reprinted from my post today at Generally, after our Thanksgiving turkey is picked clean, it’s time for my middle child to get on our roof and string up our Christmas lights.  He gets this job because my husband doesn’t

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cleaning in the studio

(this post is from the blog at  I’ve reprinted it here as well.) I’ve been spending a little time each day lately cleaning in my studio, tackling different counters, drawers, etc. until I get distracted or better, inspired.  There

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Polyform Design Team

Hi all.   I’m so grateful to be a member of the Sculpey Design Team.   I’m blogging over at for the month of November.   Pop over and check it out!  {And hopefully I will rekindle the blogging habit… sorry about

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pretty girls

These focal beads are going to be entered into a local art show this weekend.  Wish me luck.  They all feature transfers of my original face paintings.  I enjoy putting different bits together to create color harmonies that are just

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coming back around

Just like in the body, everything is connected in the creative life.  One experience leads to another.  Inspiration or an image in one work feeds the next work. I took a tiny cropped part of the last painting and made

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really mixed media paintings

As I expected, my history is creeping into my paintings.  I made some thin polymer leaves from my cache of molds and added them to the surface.  Today’s painting includes ginkgo leaves, which are a symbol of prosperity: Her quotation

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Happy Valentine’s Day

I loaded my Etsy store with lots of hearts in a variety of styles.  Here are a few to share here as well. I love these earrings.  They were doodle drawings that I made photo polymer plates from for use

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