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Back to a routine

Did you all hear the shouts of Hurray!! from the middle of the country? That was me, as school has begun.  My kids went back to school on Thursday last week.  (They always start on a thursday, which I’ve never

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be there with bells on? not so much

In an effort to clean up around the studio, I finally made a second silver pistachio shell and added the pearls.  Ok, so the idea of making them earrings didn’t work out for me.  While they look fine… they tinkle

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the routine of no routine

Summer always has it’s own rhythm. It’s out of time for me, yet it is a time to do things differently.  It’s typically a slow time for orders for stores… they rush to fill their inventory in the spring before

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Off to Milwaukee

It’s been a busy week.  When I got home from Greece, my in-box held more orders than 3 usual weeks!  So those got done and sent, thank goodness! Then it was planning for classes and packing.  I’m teaching again at

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Pistachio pendant

Our last day in Greece, we took a ferry boat from Athens to the island of Aegina.  We had visits with an animal rescue hospital and at a pistachio processing plant.  They grow a lot of pistachios on the island. 

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For the bride

My goddaughter is getting married tomorrow. I’m trying not to feel old!!  Between my soph and jr years of college, I was the nanny for my brother’s family.  My 2 nieces were 8 and 6, the boys were 4 and

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up and running

I think, after all sorts of issues, that my computer is back up in every way.  All viruses expunged, the hard drive wiped, and all my software and files re-installed.  Oh, what fun! Here’s the new design I was planning

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keep it simple s…illy

Ever spend time searching for good ideas far and wide when you should look right in front of you? I’ve been doing a number of different styles and trying to decide if they would be good to add to my

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the Lord’s signet

I had a neat compliment today.  I took some of my recent work to my bible study group this morning to get some feedback from friends.  We chat for a few minutes before beginning, of course.  My work was still

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what makes a favorite bible verse?

I’ve been thinking this week, as I’ve worked on more of the polymer only pendants, about the bible verses I’ve picked to use for my jewelry.  I’ve been pondering what makes a verse a favorite.  I’ve even wondered if I

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