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a sad chick update

I’ve avoided a new post all day because I just don’t want to think about it .  But this weekend, we had a predator get into our barn.  We had moved the chicks into the barn only on monday.  We’re

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Signs of spring

I love it that we are actually enjoying some spring here in Iowa.  For the past several years, winter has hung on through the beginning of April and it’s gone from winter to summer or it’s been so rainy that

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the promise of spring

I’ve been working away making faux stone verse pendants so far this week.  I have an order I need to finish, then I need to organize, pack, and get ready for a workshop next week.  Oh, for time management!  But

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The apple of your eye

The first time I used this verse from the Psalms, “Keep me as the apple of your eye, hide me in the shadow of your wings.” (17:8), it was a custom order.  A father requested this verse on a pendant

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Sneek Peek!

Guess what came in my mail? An advance copy of the April issue of Bead & Button Magazine.  It features the complete project “Bearded Iris Pendant” from my book!  (They don’t have the cover image up for the april issue

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Love letters

No, this isn’t a valentine’s day post too late. I love books.  I love text.  I love history.  This is a story of my love of calligraphy and letter forms.  I also love to combine these interests with faith. When

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gourmet and clay?

Yesterday morning, I heard a little bird outside my window.  I think the poor thing was just protesting and asking himself–or a pal, if he had one–“Just who’s lame idea was it to come back here, already?” With many feet

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